Our Story

Today’s food systems are so complex, and the challenges so large, that no single company can address them alone. The disparity between large and small companies has never been greater. Smaller companies are nimble and able to bring disruptive ideas to market, but they struggle to scale. On the other hand, the larger companies have significant assets and the know-how to scale, but because their focus is typically concentrated on optimizing “the known,” they lack the ability to be nimble enough to address new opportunities and conditions.

At MISTA we believe that the future of food shouldn’t be about the food and technology alone, but must be focused on the ecosystem; and that is exactly what MISTA was established to do!

We are creating the future of food by minimizing the large gap that currently stands in the way of great ideas not only coming to market, but disrupting the food and beverage industry. To do this, we are leveraging the curated ecosystem of small and large companies – connecting CPG, Ingredients, Food Technology, Bio Technology and Ag Technology. From start-up to industry titans, from private to public sectors, MISTA has created a hyper-connected platform to deliver solutions that address the health and wellness of both people and the planet. The result is sustainable impact and value for customers and business alike.