From flavor technology to new product development to small-scale production to strategy to Opportunity Thinking

Innovation is never a linear process – it takes a multi-dimensional approach to solve the biggest food challenges and opportunities.  The MISTA ecosystem consists of core partners from Flavor Technology to New Product Development to Small-Scale Production to Strategy to Neuroscience of Change and Innovation. Browse through the list of partners in our ecosystem – you’ll be stunned at how good these people are at doing what they do…not to mention how much they can help you!

MISTA has developed an ecosystem of world-class partners with incredible skills and capabilities and each bring something unique to the table. Whether you need access to fermentation equipment, pasteurization, culinary lines, co-working space, leadership training, creative expertise, food scientists or anything in between, MISTA has you covered.  Let us help you optimize your ideas, products, people and investments to deliver on your biggest food challenges. There are many different ways we can collaborate to put combinations of these skills to work for you.

Danny Rubenstein

Strategic Advisor and Leadership Team Member

Danny is a strategic leader and systems thinker who brings a unique, multidimensional approach to business that he has developed through over 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, innovator and strategic advisor in the food and beverage industry. Beginning with an early career as a consultant at Arthur Andersen & Co., followed by his role as one of the original partners at Naked Juice where he helped to build, lead and eventually take the company to a successful exit, Danny has continued to bring extremely valuable strategic insights, guidance and leadership to dozens of startup companies. In addition, he has worked with many multinational CPG companies helping them to innovate and improve their competitive positions in the very fast and changing marketplace.

Having held every C-Suite role, as well having been a board member, investor and advisor with startup and early stage companies, multiple times over, coupled with his big company background and experience, Danny brings an unusual combination of skills, abilities and relationships to Mista and its members.

Pilot R&D

Menu development; Product development; Process development

Pilot R&D collaborates with restaurants and food companies, from small startups to global corporations, either as an advisor or an external research and development team to improve existing products and techniques or provide the creative force to generate new ideas and drive those ideas through formulation to production.

Opportunity Thinking

We help our clients take an Opportunity Thinking™ approach to innovation.

Opportunity Thinking is the paradigm that growth comes from focusing on opportunities rather than ideas.  The approach leads to identifying, defining, and shaping bigger opportunities that lead to bigger ideas – energizing and focusing your organization on the areas and activities for greatest impact.

Additional Strategic Partners