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Innovation in the food industry is moving at a faster pace than ever before. However, delivering an optimized, innovative food product requires the right mix of agility, technical expertise and capabilities to scale successfully. Companies both large and small grapple with these challenges. MISTA has developed an ecosystem of partners with world class capabilities to optimize your ideas, products, people and investments to solve your challenges.

MISTA: made for you

You’re a startup with the greatest food product concept since, well, since sliced bread. You have a prototype, great marketing ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. You need to scale up, find distribution, build a team and search for both partners and funding.

You’re not just a major leaguer in the food world, you’re a hall of famer. Even so, the food system challenges and opportunities of this millennium are so extensive we can’t list them all here - and they are changing so quickly that even if we did, by the time we finished they’d have changed. You need new ways of thinking, innovating and approaching these changes in order to remain competitive, keep your company vital and your brands relevant.

Tackling the biggest food challenges

At Mista we recognize the unsustainable level of stress that our current food system and many of the practices associated with it are having on the planet. We are committed to helping our members find innovative and sustainable ways to address these challenges, that will make sense for both the short and long term. This often starts with helping to re-think the entire food system: Considering how the plants and animals are grown and the impact this has on the environment; how the products are manufactured, processed and packaged; as well as how they are ultimately distributed and made available to consumers throughout the world.

Mista will continue to develop, nurture and support a living ecosystem that includes people, companies and organizations who are committed to benefiting the greater good.

Providing healthier, more nutritious and affordable food to as many people as possible throughout the world is an important way that Mista and its members/partners can truly make a difference.

It takes an Ecosystem

No company or organization can solve our biggest food challenges alone. MISTA’s multidimensional, hyper-connected ecosystem brings all aspects of the food system together to address the challenges the entire food system is experiencing.


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