Once you become a Member, you are assigned a MISTA Guide from the MISTA Leadership Team. The Guide is your primary point of contact on the MISTA journey. While you will engage with many others, your Guide will help you navigate the Platform and Ecosystem.

Each company is on its own journey but is part of a much larger eco and food system. MISTA will help your organization fully engage with the ecosystem both adding and extracting value in an evolving manner.

With MISTA you will build...


...allowing you to move into the unknown and create the future.

“MISTA catalyzes experiences and reactions to deliver new possibilities and transformational impact.”

Naveen Sika, CEO Terviva


“The food industry is changing at an accelerated pace, which brings tremendous opportunities for companies with a technology mindset to drive innovation and growth. The future is about collaboration and we look forward to actively engaging with food companies wherever they are in their stage of growth to help meet changing consumer preferences and market trends. We’re excited to add our expertise in the ingredients space with the capabilities from other leading food companies to pioneer new levels of product innovation with MISTA.”

Tony DeLio, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Chief Innovation Officer at Ingredion

“Today’s food systems are so complex, and the challenges so large that no single company can address them alone – and that’s why I am so excited about MISTA. We have developed entirely new ways of approaching challenges and opportunities and of bringing new ideas to life, for start-ups as well as established businesses, connecting food innovators large and small.”

Scott May, VP Innovation at Givaudan, Head of MISTA

“Food companies continue to be disrupted at a fast pace with accelerated innovations and changes in the marketplace. To adapt and stay relevant for its current and future consumers, Danone has made growth a priority and is exploring new ways to innovate, alongside with building an agile and creative culture across functions. In such a model, connecting with our communities is a must. The Bay Area is without doubt one of the richest ecosystems for food and food tech start-ups and we see MISTA as an important outpost for us to connect with a broad community of entrepreneurs, and have the ability to test, learn and iterate around new consumer-centric opportunities. We share the same vision as MISTA and we are looking forward to collaborating with innovative partners and start-ups to contribute to the creation of the food systems of the future: healthier for the people and better for the planet.”

Takoua Debeche, EVP Research & Innovation at Danone North America

“Joining the MISTA eco-system has brought AAK into some really thought-provoking, future-looking ‘firesides’ and facilitated introductions to strategically broaden & grow our business; opportunities that may not have ordinarily occurred.

In addition, by bringing specialist ingredient & processing companies together we are actively collaborating to tackle some of the hardest challenges in plant-based foods in terms of product formulation & application to make great tasting food. Coupled with an inbuilt route to market with close proximity to world leading CPGs and start-ups that’s where MISTA brings it all together.

At AAK we look forward to continuing our MISTA journey in the years ahead.”

Niall Sands, President: Plant Based Foods, AAK

“MISTA is a unique, global innovation catalyst. Through it, at Givaudan, we get inspired and at the same time challenged to see things from a different perspective.

We engage with startups and corporate companies to jointly work on innovation challenges that can shape the future of food. MISTA has truly changed the way Givaudan approaches innovation and helps create new ways of working and looking at the future.”

Fabio Campanile, Global Head of Science & Technology Taste & Wellbeing, Givaudan

“MISTA is unique in its capability to convene all types of companies, investors, and thought leaders across the entire value chain of food, health, and sustainability. In doing so, MISTA creates a unique environment for synthesis and synergy essential for the curated collaborations required to accelerate re-invention of a better food system.”

Harold Schmitz, General Parnter, The March Fund

“MISTA has truly been a platform to accelerate the growth of Chi Botanic. While the assistance in widening our sales funnel and identifying commercialization partners has been incredibly valuable, the benefits of membership are far more extensive. Through MISTA’s Hyper-connected Ecosystem, we’ve been introduced to regulatory consultants, investors, and service providers that have been essential to the success of our start-up. Moreover, MISTA’s leadership is uniquely capable at providing guidance to a food-tech start-up by combining deep corporate ingredient and investment experience with the broad exposure of their current role working with the entire family of MISTA companies at the cutting edge of food innovation. I directly credit MISTA membership with greater deal flow, new investment, and the collaborative development of a customized business strategy leading to launch of our plant cell-based ingredients.”

Jonathan Meuser,CEO, co-founder Chi Botanic

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