Korea’s number one food and bioengineering company, CJ CheilJedang, joins the MISTA innovation platform

CJ CheilJedang aims to leverage MISTA’s food & food tech ecosystem to enable continued expansion and tap into the Bay area’s extensive talent pool


San Francisco, CA., September 7, 2022 — Korea’s leading food and bio company, CJ CheilJedang, recently announced it will be joining MISTA, the invite-only food innovation platform that unites the most innovative food, food tech and ingredient companies, with a purpose of transforming the global food system to meet the needs of the future. San Francisco-based MISTA creates an environment for its members to innovate by providing access to a vast array of experts across the food system, state-of-the-art development labs and commercial kitchens to facilitate new food advances.

“Being part of MISTA’s ecosystem in San Francisco’s Bay Area places us in prime position to leverage food innovations,” said Dr. Florian Viton, Vice President, R&D Management Executive at CJ CheilJedang. “By engaging like-minded partners with complementary capabilities – startups and other companies – we want to accelerate our pace of innovation and seed new growth engines supporting CJ CheilJedang’s global ambition.”

“We are pleased to have Korea’s leading food company as part of the MISTA community, “said Scott May, Head of MISTA. “Our collaboration with CJ CheilJedang will both strengthen our global ecosystem and help CJ accelerate their innovation to market.”

CJ CheilJedang proudly delivers Korean food and culture to dinner tables worldwide under the slogan “Share Korean Flavor,” especially through the renowned Korean cuisine brand ‘bibigo.’ Overall, bibigo products are now served in over 70 countries worldwide. In particular, bibigo’s Mandu (Korean style dumpling) is sold at approximately 50,000 stores across 6 continents, putting it in first place in the frozen snack market.

“At CJ CheilJedang, we strive to make Korean food and all its health and nutritional benefits accessible to a global audience. Korea’s unique culinary heritage, especially her long and illustrious history in fermentation, gives us an exciting advantage in creating deliciously complex and nutritious foods,” Dr. Viton said. “Our ambition is to translate the unique essence of Korea’s food traditions into foods and beverages loved globally, but fit for consumers locally.”

Launched in 1953 as a food ingredient company, CJ CheilJedang is the core subsidiary in charge of the food and bioengineering business sectors of the CJ Group. It has led the development of the Korean food industry for the past 60 years and contributed to the development of the bioengineering industry.




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About CJ Cheiljedang

CJ CheilJedang is a global food and bioengineering company founded in 1953 as the first sugar manufacturer in Korea. With the vision of becoming the ‘Global No.1 Food & Bio Company’, CJ CheilJedang evolved into a leading food company as well as a pharmaceutical and bioengineering company. CJ CheilJedang aims to globalize the taste of Korea through creating balanced taste between Korean cuisine and local preferences under the core global brand ‘bibigo’. It also supports environmentally responsible and sustainable diet, providing customers with plant-based food that utilizes innovative plant-based cooking and seasoning techniques. CJ CheilJedang is also the global number one producer of innovative and sustainable bio products, such as nucleic acid, lysine and tryptophan, by merit of its proprietary microbial fermentation technology. CJ CheilJedang is also one of the few companies in the world that can mass-produce PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate), an eco-friendly plastic material that biodegrades in the ocean. To learn more about CJ CheilJedang, please visit:


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